Aug 12, 2008

Our updated school room

So in my quest to make the school room function better for us, I come up with ideas and decided to change some things around. I had all week last week to change the room and clean up the room. I have also been going back to Brenda at The Family Revised to check on the newest keepin it real post. I love seeing how others have organized things. 

I was so tired of my back hurting from leaning over to get to the computer, which sat on a small Strawberry Shortcake table. You can see the small table and pictures of the room before here. I complained to my husband about my back. He told me he did not like having the Mac on that little table either. You see he uses the Mac for his ipod and downloads music. Well my wonderful husband put a table that we have had in the closet in the room for me. I also moved the white bookcase into another room. I was able to put the most used items in the big storage unit we have. 

This is my desk.

Now my printer and everything I need is on the desk. I have moved all of J's books to the desk with me. Its so nice to have a desk for me. I moved the girls desk farther over and put up some charts where the bookcase was. I even have room to put more if I want. I am so excited. The long desk is now J's work space.

K has the little Strawberry Shortcake table and chairs. She loves having her little area all to herself. As you can see in the picture her bears have done school with her this week.

I even took down the pictures and bought a metal sheet for her magnet play things. She loves the letters. The farm animal thing we have had since she was a baby. I moved somethings and
changed the direction of the tent. Now they have more room in their kitchen area.

We are all ready to go for a great first week of school!


Monday through Sunday said...

GREAT room! Are you starting Monday? Or have you already started? I will be homeschooling H..Kindergarten..and S..Preschool. Everyone else..will be going to school on Monday!

Rhonda said...

We actually started this Monday! It's going good this week.

Lindsey said...

Rhonda, what a great room. I enjoy seeing other families' school rooms. I love to see how they organize everything and make it work. My room can always be improved, lol. Your room looks large- lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

Anonymous said...

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