Aug 13, 2008

Off to work with dad.

About a month ago J got to go to work with dad. They had her shred papers and file stuff for them. She today she got to go to work with dad again. She was so excited because he takes her to Starbucks for breakfast and they get coffee, hot chocolate, and begals. Then while she is at work she gets break time and has popcorn. The company my husband works for is still family owned and every Wednesday they buy lunch for everyone. So today she gets lunch and she eats with dad and all the guys. She loves going and spending time with dad and feels so grown up. This is her second time to go to dads work. She is having a great day.


Monday through Sunday said...

My T loves taking the kids to work when he can..and they love it as well. Give me a Grande sugar-free, cinnamon dolce latte and I will go anywhere with ya as well!! lol

My kids love to go to Starbucks for a Hot chocolate!! :)

Lindsey said...

My daughters would love to go to work with dad. He is an engineer for the railroad so they don't allow children on the trains. I think that is wonderful that your dh's company is still family friendly and allows it. What a great opportunity for her- and the bond they have on those days has got to be awesome!