Sep 4, 2008

Camping over the holiday weekend

We went on a 5 day camping trip to Eastern Washington. It was so relaxing and fun. Here is the truck all loaded up with J and K packed in also. 

Have you ever seen the clouds coming up out of the trees? This is one of the views we saw coming up the highway. The clouds were actually coming up out of the trees. It was so amazing to see. The girls had a little science lesson in the car, given by dad, on the way.

We drove through Leavenworth, WA. It is a bavarian town. They have the coolest little shops. I love to go there. 

Here are the girls on our first night camping. It was K's first time to go camping. She thought it was so cool to sleep in her princess bag. The air mattress was just an added bonus. They enjoyed it the whole time and wanted to stay here and not come home. They loved it.
But mom and dad really needed to come home. Four nights on an air mattress is not fun when you are over the age of 10.

We have never seen so many deer in our life. They were everywhere. We saw at least 10 to 20 each day. They were not even afraid of people.  

We stayed at a state park. They sites were huge. It was so beautiful there. Here is a picture of our truck and the jet skies. I could not take a picture out on the water. I don't have a waterproof camera. 


What's better than skiing all day? Playing in the sand on the beach. They girls loved being on the beach. They made sand castles and dug holes. We did a lot of relaxing at the beach.


Monday through Sunday said...

I love camping! We used to go to Vancouver..WA. Battleground State park. Fun! It is a long drive..but fun!

Washington is so pretty! :)

Armbruster said...

I forgot how beautiful WA is in the summer. We go up there all the time to see my mom we need to meet up! Your girls are so sweet. I also have 2 girls Mikayla will be 13 in 3 mos & Miranda is 7. I too have been married 14 years! Funny. Good to hear from you. I have added your blog to my family blog. Check us out at
Talk to you soon my friend

Margarete said...

Your pictures are beautiful. Glad you had a great time.