Sep 9, 2008

Co-op starts again!

We started co-op again. K is in the playroom for two classes. While in playroom she will be getting little bits of science, math, crafts, and Bible time. Here she was putting linking blocks together. They were learning to add and making rows of blocks. She just likes to put them altogether to make a long line.
She likes posing for the camera!

J has two classes this year. They are drama and art. The one she likes the best is drama.
She is getting into character.
She looks a little bored here. She was listening to the other girl recite her monologue.
I guess it is getting better. They had to recite the parts with different actors in the class.
I did not get to take any pictures of them acting out there parts. Just during the beginning of class. But she absolutely loves drama. They get to audition next week for the instructor. Then they will be given parts and come April 2009 they will be performing at a local large theatre. I could not be more proud of her. She is loving acting and this is great for her self confidence. I will keep you all up to date as to her part and outcome.  

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Tracy's corner said...

Looks like fun! We start our co-op on Friday. My kids are so excited to start their new classes and see their friends. I'm excited to a little change of pace helps sometimes.