Oct 30, 2008

Fall: My favorite time of year!

I love the beauty of fall. All the colors and crisp air make me feel so good. It is my favorite time of year.  

I love watching my girls cuddle up with their blankets in front of the fireplace. It is their favorite place to read. To keep our gas bill from being outrageous I am only letting them do it once a week. But it is so fun to do. The kids really love it too. They actually read a lot longer there. I guess that is a plus. :D

I love to have fall smells in my house. Or at least what I think are fall smells in the house. So burning candles is my way. My favorite smell is the Pumpkin Spiced candles. Wow does it smell so good. 

What are some of your favorites at fall?

Also we try to do a little unit study about every season. So right now we are learning about fall and why the leaves turn the color they do. Here are some neat sites I found for us to check out. 

Hope you enjoy looking at the cool sites for fall. 


G3 & Mom said...

Isn't pumpkin spice BRILLIANT! I don't know if I'll try another fat-laden pumpkin latte from a popular coffee shop, but I do appreciate the smell and flavor :-)

So glad for J's success with gymnastics. I have my own tumbler although just beginning.

One more thing, why did you choose prima latina? Um and one other thing, where are you in SOTW2? We just got to chap 5 b/c I insisted on finishing SOTW at the beginning of August.


Rhonda said...

Hi Dee,
I tried to go to your blog but could not find it under your name. So I will answer you here.

My friend showed me her Prima Latina and I really liked it. I have the DVD so she watches it with me and we do the lesson together. I need the help with saying the sounds. I have no clue. We are only on lesson 3 this week and it is going good. We like it.

We are on Ch 12 and 13 this week of SOTW 2. We did the same thing and finished SOTW 1 this summer. I love it and it is easy for me to add to and take from. Works for us just fine.

You will have to tell me how your little gymnast is doing!

Will you comment again and give me the link to your blog. Thanks