Dec 14, 2008

Its snowing

It has been so nice here. We have snow. The first this season for us. Our snow usually does not last that long either. But it snowed last night and we have a nice white covering this morning. We got about 2-3 inches. 

The girls and I went out and played in it for about 3 hours today. What fun we had sleding down our hill. Then we came inside and ate lunch and played some more. Our whole neighborhood was out and sleding. 

Then we went shopping and I finished all my Christmas shopping! So glad I am done with that. No more malls for a little while. So great to be done. 

We are expected to get more snow later this week. I can't wait. I took some pictures so I will try to post them later this week. 

Happy December everyone!


Anonymous said...

Kudos for completing your shopping! We just started last night. (Yikes) We don't see much snow around here and not much that will still. My sons would love to play in your snow. :)

Lauri said...

We had a great time in the snow too. We got about 2 inches or so. The kids had a great time sledding down the driveway and cul-de-sac. All the neighborhood kids come to our cul-de-sac since it is so steep. Congrats on finishing your shopping. I'm almost done!!