Dec 5, 2008

Were back among the living!

We have enjoyed taking some time off. The girls and I took the whole week of Thanksgiving off. We baked, made crafts and just had a fabulous week. 

I had decided to teach the girls to cook. This was probably the best thing we did. The girls had a blast. They love to cook. I always have to remind myself that it is ok for them to make a mess while I am teaching them. I tried not to plan anthing else. So we had all the time in the world to play and cook what we wanted. It was great. We made messes and then cleaned them up. I had no set time to make dinner or lunch. Even K got in on the action and was a part of it all. 

We had a nice week of having fun and learning some new things. They had no idea it was actually learning. But now J can help cook and she knows a lot more. Now I just have to let her help. teehee


SetApart said...

Hi Rhonda,

Welcome back:) We also took a week off last week. I sooo needed it! I need to make more time for cooking with my girls. You're right's ok for them to make a mess. Have a great weekend!


melanie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful week! I also try to let my girls help me when we cook. It is great and they love it!

I moved....

Lindsey said...

Those are the most refreshing kind of weeks, the wonderfully enjoyable ones!

My girls love to cook and I love their company in there. The memories we make are well worth the mess!

Have a good week!

Carrie Thompson said...

sounds like a fun week! Hope you baked lots of goodies?