Feb 3, 2009

Pictures of our flooding

This is  house under water. The weather was really bad and we had fog for about 2 weeks after all the flooding. There were so many houses that got damaged and lots of land and farms.  
These cows normally have 30 acres to roam but their land was reduced to only about four feet. They were right up next to the fence. My girls felt really sorry for them especially the baby.  
This horse trailer was not even supposed to be on this land. There was also a broken shed that was close to this.
There is a road under this, it curves right here. This is one way to our house. 
This is the view coming out of our development. Where you see water it is actually all farm land and houses up the road. My husband said we now have water front property. It looks like we bought near a lake. It came all the way up to our road. Thankfully all the water is gone now. 

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LadySnow said...

OH my!!!! That is a ton of water. I pray that everyone is safe.