May 24, 2009


Its been a long time since I have been on my blog. So here it goes-
For the last 6 months my husband has been working away. He has been flight testing a helicopter and has been in CA and now in CO. So for the month of May I decide to go visit him. I loaded up the girls in the car and drove to CO. It took us 3 days to get here. I took my time and it was a great road trip. We have been enjoying seeing all the sites here. We even have had some great field trips to different sites. 

The dinosaur museum was probably the girls favorite. But mine was Garden of the Gods. So beautiful. 

Well now I am going to try to actually get on here and blog again. We will see how that works for us. :)


Lauri said...

Wow, so good to see you posting again!

Rhonda said...

Thanks Lauri! How are you?


Are you there???

Lindsey said...

Rhonda, it has been over a year since I logged into blogger and I see you have been taking a break too. I hope you are doing well! Take care.