Jul 25, 2008

Keepin' it Real

This is a keeping it real post! Brenda at the family revised needs storage ideas, so if you have any ideas head on over to her blog and give her your ideas. Well I am keeping it real and letting you take a look at our school room when we do not clean it up for a while. Actually these pictures were taken after only one hour of K being in the room and playing. J did play some roll in this also. 

As for storage, the system that we have is from Pottery Barn and it has been the best thing we have bought. But I have to be honest-we did get it for almost half off. We have a relative that works there and got it at a good price. The desk is my mess.

Its not that bad you say! Well give it till the end of the day. If I do not clean throughout the day it will be a pit.


my5wolfcubs said...

Real is good. We have Uno cards on the floor right now also! But we also have Phase 10...and Mythmatical Battle...and Set. All of them. Together. My 3 & 5yo boys are *playing* they tell me...

~~Rhonda~~ said...

Yeah K says she is playing with them also. She told me she needed the blanket to keep her warm. One would only wonder why since it is 74* outside. But it made her happy and the morning was good!

G3 & Mom said...

Your school room looks great! We have REAL, but every once in a while -we get to see the hideous 30 year old carpet floor and vacuum that sucker! I love children who relish the use of vacuums as vehicles to be driven!!!

School pockets at Oriental Trading company are a good thing :-)