Jul 25, 2008

Our School Room

This is our school room! It is upstairs which makes it nice to be away from food (for me that is). This is the view as you walk straight into the room. We bought the shelf system about a year and a half ago and it has been the best thing ever. Then we ordered the train/game table for the girls last christmas. Our 4yr old loves Thomas the Train, so the table gets used everyday. It has 2 bottom rolling storage carts. They house the train set, littlest pet shops, my little ponies, and our paints and brushes and smocks. 

Here is a closer look at the train table. After a week of playing on the table we soon discovered that we needed a mat to go on top of the table. We found a nice girly mat. It has been a saver for the top of the table.

Each basket on top of the bookshelf houses different stuff. One has markers, crayons, coloring books, glue, and pencils. Another 
has playdough. The two in the center are still somewhat empty. The last two has math stuff and misc. goodies. The shelf itself hold all our books. In each section I have tried to keep similar book together. One has all science books another states and presidents, you get the idea. Well this just does not happen with K moving books constantly. But the bottom is her area. She is always
 looking at her books and playing with the wood clock and wood puzzles. The bottom right drawer is all her school stuff, which she always has spread out to see and pick which one to do. The white roller cart holds all our music cds and SOTW cds, plus toys. On top of it is the cd player.

This is the girls kitchen area. K really loves this area. She plays here a lot while we do school. She got the tinkerbell tent from for her birthday and we put a little table in there and her tea set. Yes, we do get in there with her. We love pretend tea parties, even my husband. He loves his girls and will even play tea party!

This is our school desk and our computer area. We have another bookshelf in the corner. It holds all of my homeschool books and whatnot here. I have to tell you about the desk and blue chairs. We got them at the GSA (Government Surplus). I got the table for $5 and the 2 blue chairs for $2 each. I love cheap stuff and search it out. 

This is the other side of the room. We have maps and our cork board here. The baskets hold old magazines to cut up and scissors. We actually have a plastic play slide that is usually here, I just moved it to get a clear picture.


my5wolfcubs said...

What a great room! I love the openness! Plus the shelves and center table are just perfect.
Lee (from the WTM board)

Brenda said...

Boy, this room looks HUGE!!! It's nice you have the toys in there too. I think little ones should always be welcome in the school room! This is a great space---plenty of room to spread out on the floor too. We have to move to the living room if we want to do that. Plus it's the only room with carpet. :)

Thanks for sharing! I'm LOVING getting all these ideas!

Carrie Thompson said...

yes I think your room looks huge! mine is large too but we have couch and love seat thing so it eats up room! i will show the whole room when i post "after pics". I love your brown cabinet, it is beautiful! I am a lover of "buckets" to stuff things in!

BTW, the week in review scroll, I looked in google images under week in review and found it! I love it too, it is perfect for my posts!