Aug 11, 2008

Little funny things my kids do!

We are so excited that the Olympics have started. The girls and I watched the opening serimonies together. I let them stay up late to watch-K feel asleep but J stayed awake. Well, as the United States walked in they showed President Bush and I said to J that that was the president and his wife. I told her George W. Bush. 
She said, "What he's still alive." 
I said, "Yes, honey he is."
She said, "Wow, he looks really good for being so old."
I said, "What do mean?"
She said, "Well for him to be the first president and to have lived this long, that's amazing."
I then explained that he was not George Washington, the  first president, but  George Bush the current president. 

Fast forward to yesterday. 
My husband has been out of town for a week on business. He got back on Saturday and we decided to go take the girls for a drive and get a treat. While we were in the car K explained to us how she was going to have a baby brother. (No, we are not pg.) 
J said, "No we are not." She told us how she was going to grow up and have a baby brother herself. J said, "You can't, it will be your own baby." She said, "Yes I can I will marry daddy and have a baby brother." J told her she can not marry daddy because mommy is already married to daddy. K got really upset and yelled, "I can marry daddy if I want to and you can't stop me."
I love what my kids say sometimes!

So what funnies have your kiddos come up with?


Monday through Sunday said...

I have a private blog that I keep to jot down all these fun talks or quotes..if you will. Children are awesome to listen to!

Carrie Thompson said...

Just this morning I was doing phonics with my just 5 year old. We were going back over sounds she already knew and we got to U which she absolutely knows but she wouldnt answer me when I pointed to the U, Finally she looked at me which a "you are seriously getting on my nerves, woman" look and said I pitically told you I DONT! She was very emphatic. I said you what? I was mystfied. Again she said louder with more emphasis, "I pitically told you I dont." At this time I gave her the "speak to mommy respectfully" look or there will be trouble brewing in the Thompson household and finally dawn came... "Emily," I said slowly, "do you mean specifically?" Yes she answered and pounced out of the room. this is my barely 5 year old! I'm doomed!