Aug 7, 2008

Mini Office

I have been trying to come up with an idea that will make it easier to teach the basic preschool things to K. My goal this year for her is to learn to the phonograms and write her ABC's and numbers  1-10. Thats pretty much it. She will be able to listen in on all other stuff that J and I do. She will listen in on the rest of our science. We need to finish earth science and space. We have about 10 weeks of that left. Then we start chemistry. She likes to play playdough while do the reading then she does experiments with us. She will also listen to our history lessons and any read alouds that we have. She also likes to color the history pages and do a map of her own. So she is getting a lot in that little head. 

As I googled and searched blogs for ideas for something to help make my day easier I came across these mini offices. They are pretty amazing I think. I could make one for K and that way we could just pull out her mini office and learn away. I like the idea of having everything in one place.

This site tells you what a mini office is. How to make a mini office and printables for your mini office.  This site gives you printables also. I am excited about this. I am having K help me make her mini office this weekend. We will make it an art project. I also find that if I am excited about something she is too. J will be making a mini office for herself also. When I told her about it she wanted one too. 

Here are some more mini office sites. The last one is more for a classroom but I liked the months and numbers charts on this site.


Margarete said...

Thanks for the great idea.

Monday through Sunday said...

Very interesting!

Margarete said...

I found this site Hope this works for you.