Sep 16, 2008

Busy life

Do you ever feel like life goes an million miles an minute? Well for me this is the case. 

Our family is going all the time. J goes to gym 3 days a week and K goes 2 days a week, at different times. J and I do not get home till 9pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So the next morning is not fun in our house. 

I have had to do so much lately for gymnastics. On top of working 3 nights a week I have to work some of the Seahawks football. I have to work this weekends game. But we get money that helps offset the cost of competition fees. So it is really worth it. But the time is a lot. 

School has been taking more time it seems. But we are doing so good right now. J is cooking right along. She is doing wonderfully. 

I guess I am just feeling stressed with all the running we are doing lately. But I know it will get better. Sigh! ;)


Lauri said...

Don't worry. I think all of us feeled overwhelmed at times. Whoever coined the phrase "stay at home mom" had no idea what they were talking about! Keep your spirits up!!

Rhonda said...

Yeah thats what I'm trying to tell myself! teehee. Next week I am trying to keep free, well with gym in there of course. We will see if I can do it.

Bronwyn said...

Fall always seems busy to me... and it seems to speed up faster and faster. Sounds like y'all are busy right now! Hang in there!