Sep 22, 2008

Seahawks, drunks, and car crashes!

Well I worked the Seahawks game yesterday! It was so busy and actually a lot of fun. I have never worked at a game before. We are doing it to raise money to help off set the cost of gymnastics fees.  

We carpooled to the game and got there safely. Well on the way home we were hit by a drunk driver. We were going down the freeway and she side swiped us. Then she took off. The driver of our vehicle is a retired police officer, so he went after her. About a mile or so later she finally took an exit and still tried to flee. As some of you know Seattle traffic is awful and she was soon stopped by a traffic jam. 

Long story short she was very drunk. There is lots of damage to both vehicles. We are all alive and doing alright.  I hit the window, so my face is very sore. We all have some sore bodies and necks. I am thankful we are all doing good. 


Lauri said...

You have not had very good luck lately with stupid drivers! I hope that you will continue to be OK and that your neck won't start hurting you again. Scary stuff.

Margarete said...

I am so thankful you are ok. did you have the kids with you??

Monday through Sunday said...!!! I am so glad that you are OK!!

Rhonda said...

Thanks so much guys.

Margarete, I was thankful the girls were not with me.