Oct 7, 2008

I lost my temper! Wouldn't you?

J has been in gymnastics for quite a while now and she is doing so great. She is picking up new skills everyday. She already has all of her level 4 skills and she just went to level 4 in June. She will begin her new season of competition at the end of this month. I as so proud of her and all her accomplishments.  

Well she has been having some issues with a new coach at the gym. This has been going on for several months now. Her main coach is wonderful. She really likes her. This other coach is demeaning and can be very critical and just down right mean to the girls. I have expressed my concerns about this coach and it has gone no where. Last night this coach pushed her down to the floor while supposedly trying to push her forward while she was doing a round off. He made her do it over and over and the on the 5th time he pushed her. I watched the whole thing and he actually pushed her on her side and made her fall sideways. It ended up hurting her side and she was crying very hard.

Then the mom in me kicked in. I went off on this person. Letting this person know I had seen the whole thing. I said my peace and then we went home. 

Now the kicker is I work at this place and sometimes I have to work with this coach. So today I am going in and will be talking again with this person. 

Also J expressed that she no longer wanted to be in this class. She wants me to move her to another class that this coach does not teach. I will be trying to do this today. She also told me that if she can not move she does not want to come back and wants to quit. I told her I would change her and if I can not get her in the new class I support her quitting. I have never believed in forcing my kids to do anything. So if and when she wants to quit I support her. 

I feel so bad for her and having to make these decisions at such a young age. I want to take it all away from her. 

As her mother I am going to protect her and not let anyone harm her. 


Margarete said...

Oh Wow!! I actually think this coach should not be there. If he did this now, did he do this somewhere else OR, will he do it again?? I support you all the way!

Lauri said...

Good for you for sticking up for J! I'm sorry that happened. It's hard when there is someone that isn't as supportive as the others and they do something that is down right wrong. God luck in getting things straightened out.

Armbruster said...

I am with you I would have hit him!! No one messes w/ my girls. He needs to be gone! I don't think she should leave it needs to be that coach. I hope this experience does not make her want to quit. Keep me posted.

Kysha said...

Oh how mean! (for the coach that is) You did right in sticking up to the coach. That may be just what this person needed. Hope your talk goes well. Be sure to have a witness, I mean mediator. ;)

Monday through Sunday said...

mother bear! I am the same way! I hope things have gotten better!