Nov 20, 2008

My reasons to stay away from the malls

Oh how I do not like going to the malls around this time of year. They seem to start getting so crowded about this time. Does everyone in the USA wait to do their shopping till November and December? With all the people in the malls it seem to make everyone so mean! I really mean mean! Is this what the holidays have come to? Ugh! 

So what is my solution you say? Well I have a few thoughts. 
  1. Is to avoid the malls at all cost.
  2. To shop online this holiday season. Which I have already done a bit of. 
  3. We plan to change how we celebrate this Christmas season. But we are keeping it low key this year. This really helps with stress on our parts.
  4. We are doing gift cards this year! I so love this idea. It makes everyone happy. They can go get what they want and I do not have to worry about trying to figure what to get for them. 
  5. I am buying gift card from the fund raiser at the gym this year. It is through the scripts program and I can get any gift card of my choice, all in one place. The best thing is the gym gets the benefit of it. 
  6. We are making a lot of home made gifts. The girls are very excited about this. I am just trying to come up with some ideas to give as a home made gift. 
So what are you doing to try to stay sane during the holidays?


Lauri said...

I love going to the mall and sitting back to watch all the crazy people! It is so funny to watch all the nuts!! Be careful of the gift cards you buy this year. So many stores are going out of business or cutting way back on the number of stores that they have. My key is if/when you have to go out give yourself plenty of time because when you are in a hurry that's when it is more stressful and just enjoy the season.

Armbruster said...

Man I love going to the mall especially this time of year! I guess I have just been very lucky because every time I go to the mall everyone is nice. Especially when I go the day after Turkey Day! :) Yes I am one of those!
Keep your chin up & do what my mom has always told me "Kill them with kindness"!

Kysha said...

I'm a mall grinch too! Bah! Humbug! LOL