Nov 21, 2008

Weekly Report

Week 13-Update: My first weekly report!

So I guess its about time I do some weekly reporting since we are in our 13th week of school and I have yet to do one. 

Math: Well we have been doing so good in math. We are pushing right along with MUS and Abeka. We switched this year from Saxon-was not working for us. So a friend of mine gave me an Abeka math book and J loved it. So we used it and then added in MUS. J needed a little more hands on then what Abeka has. So our plan is working. We are on lesson 110 on Abeka and lesson 13 of MUS. 

WWE: Oh how I love this program! J placed in WWE3 but I put her in 2 because it has a workbook and I am all about having it there for me and not having to do it myself. I love pick up and go. We finished lesson 12 this week. The best thing is J is really enjoying writing and thinks this program is wonderful also. 

FLL3: I so love this program also. We did FLL 1-2 in 1st and 2nd. I thought this was not working for us then, but now I see the light. :)) We did all that memorizing and I thought for what! Now I see. She thinks it is so easy and love grammar. Which I really love. We finished lesson 34 this week.

Latin: We are using Prima Latina. We both like this program a lot. I just seem to never have the time to do it. I have to start planning on scheduling it in. We are about 2 weeks behind on this. We just finished lesson 2. We should be on lesson 5 this week. Oops! Oh well we will get it done. 

History: Is going good. Sometimes I think J only listens for a minute then goes into a fairy realm and shuts off. She does not remember much when it comes to history. So I am looking at trying to come up with something to change this. We just finished Ch. 15 this week. 

Science: Well we are finishing up Astronomy. We love it so much we are taking our time and enjoying it. Then we will start Chemistry. I am even buying J a telescope for Christmas. I really want the one at Costco right now for her. I just have to go buy it. Ugh! But she would love it. 

I will try to post pictures later this weekend. Well that is our week! It is also our first weekly report! At least I am posting a weekly report now at 13 weeks and  NOT doing my first one at the end of the year. =))


Kysha said...

That's a way to end the year! LOL Keep up the good work. :)

SetApart said...

You accomplished a lot for it to be the end of the year! My dd is currently using FLL, and I didn't use it with my son whose in 5th. I was wondering how the memorization of the rules would help or not as we advanced. Thanks for sharing that tidbit:)

Certainly okay to add me to your list:)


Rhonda said...

Sorry its not the end of the year its our 13th week! Big duh for me!