Nov 22, 2008

New Kids On The Block

I am so excited! Excited, excited, excited. 

My husband is taking me to see New Kids on the Block.    Let me repeat that. 
My husband is taking me to see New Kids on the Block.     Yes, girls you heard that right. 

I was one of those 16 year old girls that loved NKOTB. I had the posters on my walls, closet doors, and on my folders at school. I was a big fan. So my wonderful, loving, and gorgeous husband is taking me to see them. You know you have a gem of a man when he is willing to go to a New Kids concert with you.

Tonight ladies I am turning into a 16 year old girl again. The wrinkles are disappearing, I have shed 30 pounds instantly! (You see I am 16 again) :D I am silly and squiggly. And I get to scream to my hearts content and my voice is gone. For tonight I get to go see the boys I so graciously had plastered all over my walls. And yes, my dear husband knows what he is in for, a stadium full of screaming 30 to 40 year old women. But he is doing it for me! 

I love you D! Thanks honey!


Anonymous said...

Oh my .........

Rhonda said...

I know anonymoues, but it was so much fun! I had a blast.

Lauri said...

So you haven't blogged about it yet to let us know how it was!? I always knew D (it's so hard not to spell that out) was a good guy but holy moly he better haven't gotten some after that!!!!