Nov 4, 2008

Our visit to the farm

There is a wonderful little farm just down the road from us and we were able to go there last week. The girls really enjoyed being there and seeing all the fun things. The girls got to fish. I did not get any pictures of them fishing, because they did not catch anything. We would have caught and released anyway. There is no way I will prepare a fish. Yuck, just can't do it. :))They also got to make necklaces and bracelets. Here they are doing that. 
We went through the corn maze and then we did the hamster wheels. Well thats what I call it. They loved this and did it several times.

K thought this was so cool.
Waiting to do it again for the 100th time. Thats what it seemed like. 
We carved our pumpkins later on that day. It was a very fun day. They loved sticking their hands in there and getting all the seeds and junk out. We did our toasted pumpkins seeds that night also.

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Monday through Sunday said...

Looks like a very fun day! Fun to actually see pics of well! :)