Dec 10, 2008

My mind and getting things done!

So I don't know about the rest of you but I can not get my mind off our Christmas break. I am just counting the days down. We are getting our school work done, but I am just really wanting another break. 

I have not wanted to post on my blog either. How sad is that! =)) We are having so much fun just making plans for the break. We are decorating the house and it looks so nice. I love decorating for the holidays. 

This year we are making more glass bubbles for our tree. We made a bunch last year and the girls loved it. So this year we went to Michaels and bought some more. They are enjoying making them and hanging them on our tree. I will post some pictures of our finished bubbles later this week. We plan to have all our relatives here for Christmas. I am so excited to see everyone again. 

Well I will so try to post more but with the holidays its so hard! So I guess I am not quite so among the living blog world! :)

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Shawon said...

I am counting down too! We don't have relatives coming, but I'm looking forward to another break...Ahhh