Jan 18, 2009

Weather in WA!

Well I have not been on here in quite a while. Yikes lots to fill in. 

Lets start with Christmas. We had a great Christmas. Yes, we had a White Christmas. First ever since I have lived here in WA. I have been here since I was 15. So a while. teehee. I will post pictures when I can.

Now in the last 2 weeks we had record flooding in the town I live in. Our house was fine. We live high enough on a hill and we were ok. But a lot of people were not. I have lots of pictures to post of all the water. We had lake front property for a while. The whole valley flooded and our road to our house was under water for a while. We only have one way in and out of our development. So not to fun. 

Things are good now and the road is clear. We are happy that all is well and we are safe. 


Armbruster's said...

Good to see you back on your blog! Yea mom was keeping up to date w/ your weather. Crazy!!!!! We are planning a trip up there for Spring Break we are gonna take the girls to Forks! :) We should try & do coffee!!!!!!!

Tracy said...

Praise the Lord! The flooding did not get to your house!

Rhonda said...

Yes we are very glad that did not happen.

Brandi-lets do it. I will send you my numbers on myspace. Call us I would love to meet you girls!

Carrie Thompson said...

hello, hello, hello! You have been missed! Glad you and your family and home are safe. I am sorry for all the lose around you. It is so hard to see people around you suffer, when you are fine...

I am so glad you are back!