Nov 14, 2008

Kids and stress

I posted the other day on what I do when I need to have some mom alone time. But what do you do for your kids when they need time? 

I am noticing that my girls are getting stressed with some things in everyday life. I am trying to come up with some ideas to help with their stress. 

We are 12 weeks into our school year. We took a break at about week 7 only because we had some health issues to deal with. Now we have a break coming at Thanksgiving and we are taking the whole week off. I am so looking forward to that. So are the girls. 

I have been trying to change things up a bit in our day to help with stress. We have changed math programs and this has helped so much. I have a changed child. She now likes math. No more stress there. We are also taking more breaks during the day and having quite time to think. This seems to help also. 

We do a mom and tea about once a week. I started this last week and they loved it. They didn't really have tea, but we called it that. We also took a day this week and made homemade bread and apple butter. It was a blast. I let it be a stress free learning experience. We made a mess while we were doing it. We spilled things (not on purpose) and then cleaned them later. I wanted them to learn and not worry about mess. This is something I usually don't do. I always think I can do it faster and not have a mess so I tend to not let them help with dinners that much. This is something I am trying to change. 

So what do you do when your kiddos seem to be getting stressed?


Carrie Thompson said...

I was feeling stress and feeling like the kids were stressed so this year we instituted Quiet Time. For two hours every day the kids go to seperate areas of the house. Everyone has private time! They do really well. It gives me a break - which I try to rest during but it rarely ever happens- and they each get some time by them self. I think it helps, on the day we miss quiet time I really feel it in myself and the kids! btw mine are 10, 8 and 5.

Armbruster said...

What I do with my girls is we crank up the music Mamma Mia; HSM3; Grease; American Mall any type of musical we have watched & then we sing & dance & act all crazy. It gets really loud in my house but it is tons of fun. After we are done we forget about what we were stressed about. We are a musical type of family so we crank up the tunes & enjoy it. Poor Andy he has to listen to all the musicals! Try it I bet you & your girls will love it!